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Guide to Help you Reverse Periodontitis

Gum inflammation and gingivitis are conditions affecting most people today although the repercussions you will experience will be dependent on the steps you are taking to control it. Out of the forty-percent of Americans struggling with gingivitis and gum inflammation, about eight percent have severe periodontitis which is a serious condition often resulting in loss of teeth. The good news to anyone struggling with such a condition is that there is hope regardless of how severe the condition is. If you want to know more about periodontal and the things you can read to get to dentist wilmette il to control them, this article is for you.

Whenever you realize your gums are inflamed, gingivitis is the culprit and it is the first periodontal disease you should know about, although it has not reached the destructive stage. Gingivitis is a gum disease which means it is not good but it is nothing compared to periodontitis, which is what it will turn into if you fail to treat it. When you have reached the point of periodontitis, you have see a professional as soon as possible otherwise you risk losing your teeth among other serious consequences.

Once you have understood the conditions you will be struggling with, you should start thinking of the steps you can take to reverse periodontitis, and the first thing is to treat gingivitis in its early stages. Early intervention is very important when you want to curb periodontitis, plus most gingivitis cases often clear up within two weeks unless your case is chronic. Flawless oral hygiene will play a major role in helping you prevent the spread of periodontitis once you are diagnosed with it; don’t forget about brushing twice a day and flossing at least once to keep your teeth and mouth clean all the time. You can also click at for more information.

When you visit a dentist with a problem of gum disease, you will be subjected to different treatment methods but in case your doctor feels you are not responding positively, he or she can prescribe antibiotics to help you fight it. The earlier you seek the services of a dentist in your battle with gum disease the better otherwise you can reach a stage where the only applicable treatment method is surgery, which of course is very effective.

Restoring your jaw and gums with laser dentistry is non-invasive and less expensive compared to surgery compared to surgical treatment. Post-surgery recovery period is usually the most challenging to patients but if you choose laser dentistry as a way of fighting periodontitis, such a thing will not be your concern. This is how to reverse periodontitis. See more details from this wesite:

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